Art Stuff

Even though I consider myself a Game Designer, and I do have intermediate programming knowledge, I also quite enjoy drawing and 3D modeling. Here’s some of the things that i’ve made in the past!

2D Art

Academic Work

These are projects done for school.

Spine Animations

2D Pets for a prototype I tried to make back in 2015.

Some animations I did for my game, Astria.

3D Art

Imperial Baneblade

This is a really old 3D model. I made it way before sketchfab was even a thing. It was an assignment for a Autodesk Maya class in my first game development program, I think that was in 2010. The assignment was to make any vehicle from any game. My teacher, a big Warhammer fan, convinced me to try and make the Imperial Baneblade.

Don’t Starve – Diorama

I made this one for a contest called VG REMIX on Polycount forums, back in 2013. The goal was to make a lowpoly-looking diorama of a game of your choice.

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