About Me

My name is Igor Hatakeyama. I’m a 30-year-old Game Developer.

I started making video games at a young age – I have very early memories of making simple RPG Maker projects or tiny games in tools like klik&play and eventually the games factory.

Before the end of high school, I started my first Game Development program which lasted two years – that’s where I used my first commercially viable game engine (UDK, Unreal Development Kit) and formally learned 2D and 3D art.

Right after I finished that program I went to University and got my Bachelor’s degree in Game Design, and a couple of years later I moved to Canada looking for growth as a professional and as a person.

As a video game developer, I generally prefer to do the design, level & documentation of games, but I am very resourceful, being able to work on different areas of a game as well, most notably coding, art and QA.

Other hobbies not related to video games are cooking, playing drums/bass, and fishing!

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