Level Design Portfolio


In the video below, I explain my work as a level designer in the game WREST, available on Steam. I explain the process of doing my three main duties in the game: Sketching and iterating the level on graph paper and then creating the whitebox in unity, placing the base geometry on the whiteboxed level, and then placing trigger boxes and other elements of the event system to add functionality to the level.

Magma Forges

Magma Forges is a personal level design project I have been working on during my free time over the last few months, using the knowledge I acquired as a professional level designer to try and make a the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time-like dungeon.

In the video below I explain a bit more of the process of how it has ben going so far.

This is the Level Design Document for Magma Forges:

Password: 222

I have also worked on different smaller (prototype/game jam) projects as a level designer.

Up, Up!

Up, Up! is a mobile endless game prototype where you have to fight gravity and avoid spikes to go as high as possible. The levels are procedural but chunks connect seamlessly with each other while a difficulty manager controls how difficult the chunks are going to be, depending on how high you are.

The password is iggy123

At the start of the game, just put anything in the input box (that just collects your name for the leaderboards)

Tiny Acres

Tiny Acres is a simple idle game where you collect multiple resources and craft little tools to collect more resources and slowly upgrade your house. The level is 2D and pre-built, horizontally scrolling with parallax effects.

The password is iggy123

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