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Welcome to my online resume. It has more detailed information than the summarized PDF version.

Igor Oliveira Hatakeyama

Game Designer & Game Developer


To secure a career that blends design, technology and creativity to bring happiness, entertainment, and fulfillment to people around the world

I’m always involved in the games industry, seeking to increase my knowledge and learn from the great ones in this field. I strive to attend as many game development events and dev talks as I can, something that in the past has allowed me to meet and learn from industry legends.

Relevant Skills

Design:  I always design my personal projects with fun in mind, and I follow design philosophies such as Will Wright’s – where elements should be interacted with in a fun, tactile, almost toy-like way. I also tend to steer towards modular and procedural design and it excites me when I can get different elements in my games to interact with one another in interesting ways. I’m also well versed with level design, always trying to come up with interesting ways to navigate the possibility spaces in my games.

Unity: I have been using it in different capacities since 2013. As a game designer, my knowledge of unity is more than enough to make solo projects and it also allows me to prototype all my game and mechanics ideas quite easily. From implementing game mechanics and systems to tool scripting, I can confidently do it all, and I’m always trying to implement interesting modular or procedural systems.

Art Workflows: Similarly, I am well versed in 2D art and 3D modeling, having used different art software for many years now. Modeling, rigging, UV Mapping, texturing – I usually make my own 2D and 3D art for my prototypes and solo projects. My art can be found here.

Other tools and software: I also have some experience using other project management and version control tools, such as Unity collab, Github desktop, Trello, Hack’n Plan and Jira, and also audiovisual software like Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere to edit audio and video.

Publications and Features

In 2015 my game development team was featured in IGN Brazil with the article “Brazilian devs recreate ‘impossible’ Battletoads level” (Brazilian Portuguese only)

In 2014 I co-authored the study: “Application of anthropometry and ergonomics with concepts of game design in the development of smartphone games that enable one-handed use in a safe and comfortable way”, available here.

In 2013, when I was taking my first steps in the games industry, I had two blog posts of mine featured in gamasutra, Studying Game Design in Brazil and The Kindergarten of Game Design.

Work Experience

Game Designer/QA Lead

In mid to late 2022 I worked for Nyft, was part of the design team, and led their new QA department while helping them develop their game, Nifty Island. I participated in design meetings and created features that fit the scope and feel of the game, while also leading a brand-new design department, setting up procedures and methods to pave the way for future QA engineers to help test the game.

Drinkbox Studios
QA Tester

Between 2021 and 2022 I had the honor of working as a QA tester for Drinkbox Studios, helping them ship their game, Nobody Saves the World, on different platforms such as Steam, PS4, and Windows Store.

QA Tester

I got the opportunity to briefly test Wompa’s fitness game, Burnit Quest – a fitness game that uses your phone as a movement tracking device.

Comet Studios
Developer – Designer

I freelanced for Comet Studios for a few years, helping them develop their game, Starflight Galaxy. I developed and helped them design the game from concept to gold master, implementing features upon request by integrating the art assets provided into Unity and adding the functionalities needed. I made everything from implementing gameplay functionality to coding and setting up the UI and menus, and also things like adding unity ads to the project.

Jam 3
Game Design Consultant

In late 2020 I worked briefly for Jam3, a Toronto-based digital agency, as a Game Design consultant to help design an event for Redbull made in the game Cities Skylines, called Red Bull Metropolis.

Junior Designer

For most of 2020, I worked as a Junior Designer/Level Designer at Shaftesbury and helped develop their VR horror game, WREST.

My main duties as a junior level designer were to block out new levels or place props to replace the whiteboxes in the levels that were already designed.

Eventually, I was trusted with more tasks, such as setting up the triggerboxes and narrative events that happened in the levels, recording placeholder dialog to make sure the distance between event triggerboxes was big enough that dialog wouldn’t overlap, and even did some tool and gameplay scripting – the final boss battle was partly coded and partly designed by me!

I started working at Shaftesbury before the pandemic started, and kept working there through most of 2020 – this was my first time working remotely, and learning the benefits and hardships that come with that type of work.

Centennial College
Peer Tutor

Though not as flashy as an industry job, for most of 2019 I had the opportunity of being a Peer Tutor at my College, as a matter of fact, the only Game Development tutor at that time.

I aided students who were struggling with some concepts in the general field of game development, from Photoshop and 3D modeling to Unity Mecanim and C# programming.

Hive Digital
QA Tester

QC Tester

In 2014 I worked as a QA Tester at Hive Digital, a Brazilian media agency. I helped test their products, most notably a few of their advergames, such as ESPN Rally dos Sertões and Intel’s Game Hero. It was a great experience as I put to practice my newfound knowledge about game QA testing, writing reports, and detailed reproduction steps on bugs. In 2016 I returned to the company briefly as a QC Tester.

These games are no longer available to play, so I provided some gameplay videos and promotional material that I could find. Just click these images!

Glu Mobile
QA Tester

I had the pleasure to work at Glu Mobile as my first game industry job. I was a QA tester at the time and helped test many of their games, including Blood and Glory, Infected, and Contract Killer. I got to learn some inner workings of the games industry and learned how to professionally test games and report bugs.

These games are no longer available for download, so I provided gameplay videos instead (just click the icons!)


Centennial College, Ontario, Canada

Advanced Game Development Diploma
2018 – 2021

Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil

Bachelor of Game Design
2011 – 2014

School of Art, Game and Animation – São Paulo, Brazil

Associate’s Degree in Game Development
2008 – 2010

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